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Gratitude to our current sponsors & partners for aligning with us in this unique exhibition.

Together, we are laying the foundations for a bright & creative future.

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Sponsors :

Zeitls is a platform that onboards classical and modern art pieces into Web3 through their tokenization and the creation of authentic digital twins.

Bueno is a No-Code platform tools for Digital Collectible Creators. A seamless creation experience for digital collectibles, from generation to mint.

The Goethe-Institut is the international cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Goethe-Institut in Portugal, has 60 years of history in the service of promoting Luso-German intercultural

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204 is carving a new path in the world of modern technology and entertainment by researching, creating and producing quality experiences that aren’t afraid to push boundaries.

Partners :

The Estufa Fria is a greenhouse with three distinct gardens located in Eduardo VII Park between the streets Alameda Engenheiro Edgar Cardoso and Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Lisbon City Council is the executive body of the municipality and its mission is to define and implement policies that promote development

Muro is a Dynamic Art platform that offers commercial venues and consumers access to personalized and curated visual experiences.

Founded by Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, HUG is the most inclusive destination for artists and collectors in Web3.

Community Partners :

Muse Hive is dedicated to exhibiting Digital Artist worldwide. We uplift under-represented creators internationally. 

ChiliBangs is the biggest Web3 community in Portugal. Event planning company focused on creating unforgettable & spicy experiences.

OffChain is a global networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts that started in 2017. It welcomes a wide range of like-minded people, from blockchain developers, to crypto VC’s; from miners and quant traders.

Media Partner :

AtlasLisboa is a platform that offers curated restaurant and bar reviews, event listings, and news by locals. Discover authentic stories of unique individuals and places in art, design, literature, gastronomy, sport, and more.

culturala is an art and cultural theory journal with the aim of accessibility and a focus on the open-ended network of creatives. Every other issue is printed, and every other one is digital – each focused on a theme such as memory, digitalisation, disappearance, and data. 

How hackers start their afternoons. Where 25k+ technologists publish stories and expertise for 4M+ monthly readers.

Let's shape a bright future together

Showcasing our commitment & beliefs to the arts & technology, towards a sustainable future.

art Power

Harnessing the transformative power of art to connect, inspire, and drive positive change.


More than an exhibition, ChromaFlora is a vibrant force propelling innovation and sustainability together.

Education & Awareness

Revealing boundless opportunities and fresh perspectives on the merge of Art, Nature & Technology.

Lisbon Goals 2030

ChromaFlora aims at actively contributing to Lisbon's 2030 goals. Together, let's propel the city towards a more sustainable and innovative future.