Get inspired by creative minds

Fri 15.12.23
+ Sat 16.12.23 ->

Meet the people shaping the future

Join us on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of December in the heart of Estufa Fria and take part in uplifting talks and workshops held by influential speakers and creative minds.
The workshops are included in the general entry of Estufa Fria (3.25€), which can be acquired at the door.
Due to limited capacity, previous sign up is necessary.

You can choose to attend one day or both (fee will apply for each Estufa Fria entrance of €3,25).

Friday 15.12.23

David Harder
12:00 | 60min

- Art Tokenization Narratives: Ethical Fusion of Art and AI for Sustainable Futures -
David will spark a chat on how we can use AI in the art world, both ethically and practically. He'll walk you through what's out there, and then roll up sleeves and really get into it together. It's time to explore the endless possibilities and discuss them together.

Lucía Salas
13:00 | 30min

- Building climate-resilient cities with a decentralized network of vertical farms -

Emma Conley
Genomic Gastronomy
13:30 | 30min

- GRIN Residency: Cyber Agrarian Forecasts - Digital technologies & their role in the agroecological work of tomorrow Cyber Agrarian Forecasts envisions speculative futures for the bocage foodscape, using drone imagery, climate data, and community insights. Their artistic goal is to dream of landscapes optimized for biodiversity, resilience, and joy.

Gianluca Boccadifuoco
14:30 | 30min

- Streaming NFTs: making digital art more accessible - Exploring new economic models for digital art distribution and consumption with Muro.art founder Gianluca Boccadifuoco

Juliette Cottu
15:00 | 75min

- Uncovering your creativity through research and investigation -
In this workshop Juliette will debunk the myth that art is only for a gifted few, and invite people to discover their inner artist through a specific method of investigation.

Bruno Miranda
16:30| 20min

How can sustainability be amplified by communities

Saturday 16.12.23

Doc Gumbs
12:00 | 30min

- The fundamentals of NFTs: Ownership, royalties & artist empowerment - Learn how NFTs revolutionize ownership, royalties, and the art market, empowering artists to redefine their craft in the digital era. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting, this discussion promises invaluable insights into the world of NFTs for artists.

Maria Kruglyak
12:30 | 45min

- Digitalization and its impact on art & culture -
How does digitalisation and emerging tech affect art, culture and ecology? A collective of artists and writers explored this question in their practice and beyond in culturala #2 Digitalisation (2023). In this open conversation, culturala’s editor and founder Maria Kruglyak shares their thoughts.

Arta Raituma
Marzia Braggion
Madalena Marques
MUTI Collective
13:30 | 60min

- Meet the artists - A glimpse of the artistic creations of ChromaFlora. Talk to the artists and get to know their practices and processes behind their work.

Evgenia Emets
Eternal Foresrt
14:30 | 60min

- Eternal Forest talk & Religar art experience - Evgenia offers an intro to Eternal Forest project and an art experience - a contemplative walk through Estufa Fria with the invitation of the seven plants. Through poetry, storytelling and personal reflection, the audience is here invited to join the artist’s practice of listening to the plants.

Aurélie Delater
Realities in Transition / S+T+ARTS
15:30 | 60min

- Tech, artistry, and nature: European art-tech opportunities for artists - Aurélie, an experienced coordinator of European art-tech projects, offers valuable insights on innovative artistic projects and accessing European funds, supporting artists, navigating open calls, crafting winning applications, and engaging with cultural organizations. Prepare for an engaging discussion and seize the chance to inquire about European art-tech opportunities for artists.

Samuel Deslesque
TDF | Oasa
16:30 | 30min

- Technology & land: Regenerative villages for a nature-backed economy - Land ownership is deeply ingrained in our western culture. It's something we take for granted - even though just a few hundred years ago the majority of the planet wasn't owned. With it, a culture of extraction has degenerated our global soils, slashed our biodiversity, and made it impossible for many species to co-habit this planet with us. Sam, a founder of Traditional Dream Factory - a regenerative village in the heart of Alentejo, tell us a story of how things can be different, using web3 & technology as a substrate, to build a nature backed economy.