Experience a dynamic week-long exhibition featuring diverse events and opportunities to connect, learn, and explore the intersections of nature, art, tech, and sustainability in a stunning setting.



Launching Chromaflora’s exhibition opening for VIPs, Sponsors, Artists, Press & organizers.

Introducing the project, and giving a complete tour of Estufa Fria and the exhibition.

Mon 11.12.23


Discover ChromaFlora and our worldwide artists, aiming for a better future.

The exhibition will open to the public during Estufa Fria's regular hours from 9 am to 5 pm, allowing attendees to explore the awe-inspiring art pieces at their leisure.

Mon 11.12.23
Sun 17.12.23

Muro Exhibition

Immerse yourself into a special selection made by Muro for Chromaflora
featuring International visual artist from +6 countries.

Meet Muro's team during Estufa Fria's regular hours and experiment unforgettable, art-infused moments.

Wed 13.12.23

Talks & Workshops

Engaging talks & workshops by prominent speakers that explore thought-provoking themes around nature, art, technology & sustainability.

Fri 15.12.23
+ Sat 16.12.23

After Party

Celebration with artists, musicians, tech enthusiasts, and nature lovers to immerse in the vibrant fusion of creativity and innovation and mark the end of our exhibition with a blooming party.

Sat 16.12.23