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Estufa Fria


A mesmerizing fusion of artistry & innovation

Our upcoming exhibition, ChromaFlora  is an harmonious blend of physical and digital art that invites you to embark on a transformative journey where the lines between nature and technology blur into enchanting hybrids.
We celebrate the beauty of organic materials while embracing the boundless possibilities of technology.
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The ChromaFlora Experience

In this immersive showcase, we delve into the profound connection between humanity and the natural world.

It’s a unique art exhibition sparking conversations on nature, sustainability, and technology, creating an inspiring experience for visitors.


Nestled within Lisbon’s heart at Parque Eduardo VII, Estufa Fria is our carefully chosen garden oasis and the perfect canvas for our immersive showcase. Embrace nature’s beauty amid lush pathways, serene ponds, and exotic plants, where innovation and tradition converge. Rediscover the future in Lisbon’s bustling center.

Hybrid Art

ChromaFlora’s hybrid art seamlessly blends physical and digital works, a deliberate choice by MUTI X Artsies to strengthen the message of harmony between nature and technology. This unique approach also aims to spark interest and educate visitors on the diverse expressions of both traditional and digital art.

Our Aim

ChromaFlora converges art and technology to inspire action, aligned with Lisbon’s 2030 sustainability goals. Positioning Lisbon as a hub for innovation, the exhibition catalyzes change by showcasing the transformative potential of nature, art, and technology, advocating for a conscious integration to shape a brighter, more sustainable future.

Estufa Fria
Exhibition Location
Estufa Fria
Exhibition Location
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